Green Typewriter

C. E. Janecek


Come Gentle

a collage of Juliet Capulet’s words

My ears have not yet drunk a hundred sharps,
the lightning tongues of rattling bones, dead men
reek, singing on yon pomegranate-tree,
tongues more hoarse than mine. Gentle night, learn me
how to lose a winning match. All in black,
cut me out in little stars, hollow night
for I will lie whiter than new snow on
a raven’s back. Bid me lurk where serpents
make sweet division––the lark and loathed toad
change eyes, walk thievish in the black-brow’d night.
Hide me with a dead man in his shroud,
I will exhale, go into fearful hollows.
My ears have drunk your hundred fiendish sharps,
gentle night, you sober-suited tremble––


Come Hollow

an erasure of Juliet Capulet’s words






     a                                                    lark          loathed


My                       drunk

                                 sober-                                   ––


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I'm a Czech-American writer, assistant managing editor at The Colorado Review, and junior editor at F(r)iction magazine. I'm a creative writing MFA student at Colorado State University and I got my English BA at Westminster College, Utah. You can find my writing in The Florida ReviewPermafrost Magazine, and ellipsis… literature & art (among others). I'm a freelance editor who consults on both shorter works (creative writing, personal statements, articles) and longer projects (memoirs, collections, novels). If you'd like to see what I'm reading, I run a bookstagram where I post mini-reviews and share my favorite books!

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